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Last Update: July 7,  2015                                      For Available Bulls - Click Here

JWCC Females Offered for sale Private Treaty

 No Females are Available at this Time - Please check back next Spring!

Top ROW:  Wolf Farms Cow/Heifer Three in One (SOLD); J.West's Allie Eve (SOLD), Heavy Bred to J.West's Milo; third my overmarked J.West's Birdie, also Heavy Bred to Milo.  I'd expect great hybrid vigor from the next calf from my pretty Wolf Farm's ABWPA cow (SOLD) who is well settled to my El Presidente; J.West's Allie Eve (SOLD) is such a grand little cow, I'm retaining her Stallone heifer from 2013, my Nancy Bee girl! thus I'm offering her for sale to a moderate breeding program only.  Next in the top row is my J.West's Birdie (SOLD), A great little cow of good pedigree that will fit a moderate frame program as well as handle well a standard one, she's built well for sure.

Second ROW above:  J.West's Nova (SOLD), fall 2015 bred to Milo; next is J.West's Miss Marie, who is a full sister to J.West's Milo; next is DAR'lin's Lil Diamond, fall bred to Milo. J.West's Nova (SOLD) is out of my Stella, an outstanding beefy El Presidente daughter, one of my first born here at the ranch from him.  Beautifully colored and beautifully made in a frame 3 package.  And last in the row is DAR'lin's Lil Diamond (SOLD), a proven cow that holds her body condition, has a nice disposition and would be an asset to any herd.

Above left is J.West's Maude Rae (SOLD), sired by the English Champion De Beauvoir's Huckleberry Finn out of CRAE 215G, a premier cow I purchased from Halliburton who was measured and ultrasounded by the infamous Gerald Fry and declared Excellent.  Maude Rae is an outstanding milky cow, heavy bred to El Presidente for spring calving, and she never fails to produce a grand calf, bull or heifer, as I have a number of females from her more moderate framed maternal sister, MsRae, that I am retaining, I have placed Maude Rae for sale -- she's a grand cow, perhaps the very best of those I am offering this Spring 2015.  Above right is J.West's Bluebell, (SOLD)sired by J.West's Elvis, and from the day she hit the ground has been an outstanding cow of grand disposition.  I always love Bluebell's calves, have retained a few of her heifers already, and have chosen to keep her Lillie Belle as her replacement, and I really wish to see Bluebell go to a home where easy calving and good disposition are appreciated, she has many more years of great calves in her future.
Above left is my J.West's Snowflake (SOLD), a very well made cow sired by J.West's Elvis who has produced regular sons and daughters.  Her own dam is still working today and produced twins just a couple years back.  Snowflake is just a great example of the breed in every way, should her granddaughter pictured next, J.West's Olivia sell, or her own daughter, the weanling heifer, Miss Kitty, then most likely I'll remove Snowflake from this sale, that's how much I like her.  Above right is J.West's Olivia(SOLD), a very nice Tom Sawyer sired granddaughter of my Snowflake.  Olivia is very heavy bred to her next spring calf out of J.West's Milo, she has a great disposition, a beautiful conformation and I love her head, her eyes, and her attitude -- and she'll be giving you a calf in short order. 
  The beef from these cows is prized not only because the cows are limited in number, but the meat is tasty. It is said to be somewhat leaner than other beef, but with very consistent marbling, which makes the meat juicy when cooked . . ."  click What is White Beef?  



All costs of transportation are the responsibility of the buyer, unless other arrangements are made. Out of state buyers should consult their states entry requirements for livestock from the State of Texas.  



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