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An altar of rough stones was erected under the oak, and the Arch-Druid, having sacramentally distributed the bread and wine, would climb the tree, cut the mistletoe with a golden knife, wrap it in a pure white cloth, slay and sacrifice the bullocks, and pray to God to remove his curse from barren women, and to permit their medicines to serve as antidotes for poisons and charms from all misfortunes.        Mysteries of the Druids (1861) W. Winwood Reade

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J.West Cattle Company, 10906 US Highway 69 North, Colmesneil, Texas

                    In 2001, after a year or so spent in deciding just what cattle to raise, the first British White cows arrived at the ranch.  The British White  breed was chosen as much for it's fascinating and storied history as for the gentle nature and ease of care-taking of this old and hardy breed that has been the beef of Kings and royalty  for hundreds of years in the United Kingdom.  Since those beginnings, J. West Cattle Company has established a highly regarded British White beef cattle ranch focused on producing  feed efficient registered beef cattle.  

From the selection of the first herd bull, DFTX Watson (aka Doc),  and until now, the focus of our breeding program has been moderate framed cattle with great depth and breadth of body, easy-keeping abilities, as well as for intense and highly heritable docility.  Selection for these traits proved an excellent initial direction for the ranch.

The most recent addition to the line-up of Bovigen's DNA markers is Feed Efficiency.  Of the 35 anchor cows and bulls thus far tested for this trait, the average score is 6 of the 8 identified markers for Feed Efficiency, which is by all accounts an excellent result for both this herd and the British White breed. 

For both the traditional grain based feedlot producers and grassfed producers, feed efficiency has become of paramount importance in today's economic environment of rising grain and fuel costs.   Feed efficient herd sires are highly sought after, and the British White breed is positioned to provide those feed efficient genetics, along with excellence in beef Tenderness and Marbling.

In 2004, the ranch transitioned from a traditional grain-supplemented operation to 100% grass and legumes and has never looked back.  The result has been a safer, healthier environment for all the animals that call the ranch home.  Alfalfa is the main source of supplementation in the winter months, and for several years now the alfalfa is purchased directly from Nebraska farmers who are members of the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association. 


    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........