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The Herd, P. 3      British White Images - 1   British White Images - 2   British White Images - 4

All photos are thumbnails, double click to enlarge, most all are compressed for easy web viewing................

 Spring 2015 . . .

Spring 2015 . . .

My main cow herd crowding round the first hay bales fed in the fall of 2014.

Summer 2014 - Merry Marie and her heifer calf are curious along with little Lexie . . .

2014 - Taking a break with the help of Lillie Belle and Jilly is coming over to see what's up.



J.West's Twenty Ouncer came to the house for a visit . . . 2014




A group shot of some bred cows and heifers on December 1st, 2012.  Shortly after I took this I spotted several young calves on the wrong side of that fence line behind them.  Fortunately, they are British White calves and they frolicked their way back through the fence with a fair amount of ease!




Do you have this problem?  Some of my heifers just can't help themselves, they just have to get IN the hay ring to eat!  This pic was taken November 2011.





Spring of 2015 . . .

Grant and his show steer, J.West's Titus, sired by El Presidente, in Sept 2012 . . .


Cows on a fresh bale in December 2012 . . .




A group of my bred cows in March of 2010, fat and happy and ready to calve.



Cows in the Spring 2013 . . .



A little old-fashioned horn blowing, it called a few cows up out of curiosity on Easter of 2007.


Up The Herd,P.2 The Herd, P. 3 The Herd, P.4 British White Bulls

    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........