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 British White Photos - 1    British White Photos - 3   and British White Photos - 4        
". . . Dewy pastures sunset-dazed, At leisure paced by mild-eyed milk-white kine, Smiled them a welcome. . ." Legends of St. Patrick, c. 1872 by Aubrey Thomas de Vere

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This is J.West's Ms Rae in October 2008.  Her dam is CRae215G and sire is DFTX Watson.  MsRae has matured into an outstanding female. 


Below is Ms Rae's Fall 2014 bull calf, sired by El Presidente.  He is J.West's King Canute.

J.West's Lillie Bell, daughter of Bluebell-- with her first calf at foot, a J.West's S.S. Carter sired heifer (Ariel) who was entirely too fond of peering through the fence on the highway of the front pasture.  November 2011.


J.West's Carterina, above, is another fine Lillie Belle & Carter daughter retained in the herd, pictured in October 2014.

Her full sister, J.West's Ariel (sold) was a really awesome heifer.

J.West's Ariel - British White Classic Heifer

J.West's Nell Opal is an '05 cow that has proven a fertile and milky dam.  Nell Opal was sired by J.West's Bounder, an English Turpin son. 

Here she is in 2008, a bred heifer at 2 1/2 years old. . .






And here's a nice shot of Nell Opal in July of 2014 with her El Presidente heifer calf.  Note the well endowed udder of the mature Nell Opal vs. the bred heifer pic above. . .




Above is J.West's McQueenie, American Fullblood, from my Bountiful line of females.  This is McQueenie's first calf, J.West's Fairy Delight, sired by Mazarati --and was a full term calf!  This tiny heifer had a birth weight of 31 lbs, per the scales. 

Fairy Delight is a Frame 2 cow, impeccable markings, a deep front, just in a small package - she is now in the Campfield herd in Colorado.

Fairy Delight is pictured below with her first calf, J.West's Tootsie, born in the Spring of 2010, and sired by J.West's S.S. Carter.

Below is Fairy Delight with J.West's Twenty Ouncer, sired by Target,  newly born in 2011.


J.West's Hot Pepper, now owned by the Diamond C Ranch in Bastrop, Texas . . .

Above are my newest additions to the herd.  On the left is Hot Pepper's heifer and on the right is J.West's Edie's heifer, both were sired by J.West's King Cameron, owned by the Diamond C Ranch. 

J.West's King Cameron in May of 2008.


J.West's Mazey . . . Sired by El Presidente out of Halliburton Marie. Mazey is a real sweetheart.

Mazey was a show heifer . . .


Above is Mazey's new Carter sired heifer calf in March 2015.


This is J.West's Doc's Gal with her 2015 newborn El Presidente heifer calf.  She's a great cow, awesome udder, perhaps the best in the herd.  She was sired by J.West's Mazarati out of J.West's MsRae. 

J.West's Melody in the winter of 2015.  Melody is a Tom Sawyer daughter out of King Cole dam, great cow with a rather edgy disposition. 

This is J.West's Mandy, Mazey's first calf.  Mandy is a couple weeks away from calving in March 2015.  She was sired by J.West's Sandy Andy, who was out of El Presidente.  So a well played linebreeding result with Mandy.


J.West's Merry Marie is an El Presidente daughter out of Halliburton Marie, a Popeye daughter.  Merry Marie never fails to deliver a great calf.  

Merry Marie's Carter son, J.West's Milo, below, is proving a great choice as one of the herd bulls here at the ranch for heifers and classic mini (Frame 2/3) breeding goals.

July 2015 . . .


J.West's Taylor Maid, a grand little cow sired by El Presidente.  This is Oct 2014, and she has yet another Carter sired calf at foot.  The maternal linebreed results from the pairing have been excellent.  Below is Taylor Maid's heifer out of Carter in June 2012. 

J.West's Emilee - British White Classic Heifer


 J.West's MaeBelle in March 2015.  MaeBelle was sired by Tom Sawyer and she put her first calf on the ground fall 2014.  A real pretty heifer calf sired by El Presidente.


J.West's Jingles, Maebelle's heifer in March 2015.


HBW Daisy . . .

Daisy is an F1 Nelore/British White cross.  She has her first calf at foot in March 2015, a pretty 3/4 blood heifer sired by Carter.

B&B Gabi . . . March 2015 with her newborn El Presidente sired bull calf.


J.West's Stella . . . an El Presidente daughter.  She has an El Presidente sired bull calf at foot in 2014.  This was the first time I've let that happen, and have to say it was a good result. 

Below is Stella's 2013 Carter son, J.West's Brando at 2 years old.


This is J.West's Tootsie, my Carter daughter out of Fairy Delight, with her first calf on the ground in Dec 2013.  A pretty little heifer sired by J.West's Dover.





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