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". . .O forester, whose three hundred snow-white bullocks crop the rich cean (cane)brakes . . ." The Georgics of Virgil

All photos are thumbnails, double click to enlarge, most all are compressed for easy web viewing................

British White Cattle - Yearling Heifers, My First Ones, and They've Made Fine British White Cows
My first set of heifers in 2001, my herd today in 2015 reflects the genetics of several of the Popeye sired heifers in this group.


Halliburton Konnie . . . She's gentle, beautiful, deep and feminine, and raises very nice calves.   She's pictured below with a bull calf sired by Elvis, you can see she's just a real gentle cow.  The calf is just a few days old and thinks he's hurt his foot.  Wouldn't you like to have cows this gentle in your pastures?  Konnie now call the Lazy A Ranch in Bellville, Texas home.

This is 4th of July '08, and this group of mostly heifers were as well behaved as you could ask of any herd of bovines! 



British White Cattle - British White Calves are a Joy to Watch and Fool Around With

July 2006 -- the calves look to be thriving and beautiful.........

British White Cattle Herd Munching on Pecan Leaves brought down to the ground by Hurricane Rita

Late September 2005, the cows appreciated the Hurricane tearing down the limbs of this pecan tree.  A taste test of pecan, red oak, and hickory left pecan leaves winning hands down.  


Pictured below, a group of happy cows in April of 2008 . . . 




Llamas - Gorgeous, curious creatures - They get along pretty well with the cattle herd and they're an absolute pleasure to have around
The Llama herd, a group of 5 girls that I enjoyed having around, they are very interesting to watch. 

A beautiful wedding under an old oak tree wraps up with the cow herd coming to offer up their congratulations! 
A group of girls interested in me and the camera, that's Lucy Rae in the middle, Senorita Lisa on the left, and Donna Darling right.  
British White Cattle - British White Cows like Wanda Mae in your herd would be Dandy- She's Always Curious and she wants to see what kind of leaves Mike's trimming, they might be tasty!
Halliburton Boopsie (AKA Wanda Mae) thinks there might be something she wants off the tree limbs being cleared from this woodsy path left by Hurricane Rita..









Taylor having a seat in 2005 on the late Halliburton Boopsie (AKA Wanda Mae).   




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    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........