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". . . Dewy pastures sunset-dazed, At leisure paced by mild-eyed milk-white kine, Smiled them a welcome. . ." Legends of St. Patrick, c. 1872 by Aubrey Thomas de Vere

All photos are thumbnails, double click to enlarge, most all are compressed for easy web viewing................

Halliburton Adios (AKA Lisa), April of 2006, at about 5 years old, fully matured, and she's never had a bull calf that wasn't hands down the best of the bunch.

Quite an amazing little Popeye sired cow that is still going strong in my 2015 herd today. 

This is Lisa's Tom Sawyer sired yearling heifer - a beautiful girl, pictured here in 2011.  She is J.West's Clementine and is in OK pastures now.

 Below is El Presidente in Oct. 2009, and Elvis in Oct. 2009. Semen is available on both.  Click this link for YouTube videos of both.

British White Cattle - This British White Cow is a real pet on this East TExas Ranch

The late Halliburton Alouise (AKA Taylor), a double Popeye daughter, in August of '06.  Taylor's genetics run well through my herd in both sires and dams.  Her Fall '05 Bounder sired heifer, J.West's Jilly, is pictured below.   British White Cattle - British White Heifer - Taylor's

J.West's Jilly has proven an outstanding dam in my herd.  She never misses a calf, and she always produces excellent calves.

 Below is J.West's Joey (semen available) at two years old. Joey was sired by J.West's S.S. Carter - so he's a double Taylor grandson.


     British White Cow - Wanda Mae   The late Halliburton Boopsie (AKA Wanda Mae)  in the Summer of 2006, about 5 months bred and a hefty bull calf recently weaned.  The most placid cow in my original herd - a Popeye daughter -- I've several fine females that come down from her line.  Cow Calving Slideshow

British White Calf in a Field of Clover

Fall '06 heifer calf from Wanda Mae and J.West's Elvis, pictured in March of 07above, and  named JWest's Vincenzia.....Vinnie suffered a severe leg injury in August of 2007 and it was a solid year before she was healed.  She's pictured below  in 2011 with a beautiful El Presidente sired heifer calf at foot.

Were it not for her excellent disposition, we likely would not have seen her fully healed, she let you treat her in an open pen for a very long time . . . and that says quite a lot about the docility of the breed.


J.West's Jilly in March 2015 with her new El Presidente sired heifer calf at foot.



Below are some pretty heifer calves sired by J.West's S.S. Carter, pictured in the summer of 2012. J.West's Ariel - British White Classic Heifer

J.West's Bountiful Bree - British White Heifer

J.West's Emilee - British White Classic Heifer

J.West's S.S. Carter (semen available) was Taylor's last calf.  Carter was sired by J.West's Mazarati and has proven a great beefy herd bull that  sires thick easy-keeping calves that mature to a frame 2 to 3 in size.  Pictured below at 2 years.







Born Oct. 07 2007, this is Carter as a 4 month calf.



J.West's Blossum, Spring 07, a really pretty El Presidente sired heifer calf out of a Woodbastwick Randolph Turpin sired dam out of HRH Bountiful.

Below is J.West's Blossum in the Summer of 2010.
British White Bred Heifer and Crepe Myrtle in Bloom


Below is J.West's Blossum raising her own Carter sired bull calf in November 2011, along with having adopted an orphaned heifer calf.  Blossum did a remarkable job raising both calves.  Particularly when you consider the drought of 2011.

British White Cow - Bountiful

HRH Bountiful in the Summer of 2006 about 7 months bred. She's a strikingly beautiful cow with excellent milk, maternal instinct, carcass, fertility and an outstanding disposition and continues to thrive in East Texas pastures today at about 16 yrs old.

This is J.West's Brigit, a fine Bountiful granddaughter sired by J.West's King Cole who has proven herself an excellent dam in my herd.

Above is J.West's Stallone in Jan 2014.  Stallone was sired by Tom Sawyer, a Bountiful Grandson, out of J.West's Vivian, a Bountiful granddaughter . . .


This is in 2011, J.West's Blossum, an El Presidente daughter, on the left, standing beside her own dam, J.West's Bountiful Brigit, who is a daughter of Bountiful with outstanding fertility and gentleness and an abundance of milk that is unmatched.  Bountiful Brigit was sired by Woodbastwick Randolph Turpin.

British White Calves

A particularly beautiful photo from the summer of 2011.  See the faint rainbow in the sky?  The bull calf on the right is El Presidente sired out of Bountiful Brigit, J.West's Merritt, who grew in to a fine herd sire.




    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........