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BRITISH WHITE CATTLE  - The Ancient Polled Park Cattle of the British Isles 

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CSS Certified Semen for Export to most countries is Available on J.West's El Presidente and J.West's Elvis - Ships from Champion Genetics in Canton, Texas.  As well, most all J.West Cattle Co. herd bulls are available for lease for collection for export in the fall and winter months.  Give us a call -- we enjoy greatly our genetics traveling across the continents.


Solution GraphicsAll semen is stored at Champion Genetics Canton, Texas.  Buyer pays shipping, please call Champion Genetics at 1.866.604.4044 to inquire about shipping costs, as well as to arrange shipping or transfer to your account for storage with Champion Genetics.    

Payment via Paypal is preferred for semen purchases .  

 Please Note:  Buyer pays Champion directly for shipping costs - Buyer contacts Champion directly to arrange shipping - Purchase of semen does NOT include shipping cost.  Champion's phone number is again 1.866.604.4044.



J. West's El Presidente     4th Gen. Purebred(AAA/GF)   Full Pedigree    Ultrasound Data  

British White Bull - El Presidente in October 2009 DOB 9/29/04.  El Presidente is 6 of 8 stars for Feed Efficiency with Genestar and a maternal brother to Elvis below.  He is  very masculine, packed with muscle, and prints himself on his daughters with very feminine muscle expression, stocky thick stature, and very nice udders.  El Presidente is a top choice for lowering frame score yet retaining, and increasing, body depth and breadth, and muscling in your replacement heifers.  He is pictured here in October 2009 at a mature weight of 1650 lbs.  His top weight is 1745 lbs in April 2012 and matured right at a frame 3.  Dam: Halliburton Adios, Sire:  Halliburton High Noon.

 Click this link for photos of El Presidente from weaning to maturity.  Click this link for photos of some of El Presidente's calves.  The video below is from September 2011.

$15 a straw- Domestic Semen - for USA only - 300 straw Inventory  


$25 a straw

- Inventory of  500 straws of CSS Certified for Export around the World  


J. West's Elvis     4th Gen. Purebred   Full Pedigree    Ultrasound Data  

DOB 3/10/03.  Elvis is 6 of 8 stars for Feed Efficiency with Genestar, he's pictured below right at a peak weight of  1785 lbs.  Elvis is a full Frame Score 3 bull, (see Mature Bull Frame Score Chart below)he packs a lot of thickness on his short frame, and maintains his weight on just  pasture quite well.  Elvis has the best of dispositions and it always conveys to his calves.   Dam:  Halliburton Adios, Sire: DFTX "Doc" Watson 

Click this link for photos of some of Elvis' calves.  Visit the following YouTube link for a video of Elvis taken in March 2009 - ELVIS Video  or click to activate the video below.
Elvis in February of 2007


$25 a straw-  Inventory of  500 straws all CSS Certified for Export around the World  


J.West's S.S. Carter Full Pedigree    American Fullblood   Frame 2

         Video below is Carter at 5 years old, he is beautifully muscled throughout, has an extraordinarily good disposition, comes from great genetics for both superior Feed Efficiency and Carcass Traits, was 100% reared on grass, stays fat as a tick through the summer months on pasture.   Excellent choice for typical standard frame 4 and up heifers, and of course on most any cow.  

Carter Video at 2 Years of Age

Carter Video at 3.5 Years of Age

Dam: Halliburton Alouise (aka Taylor); Sire:  J.West's Mazarati; Grandsires: Popeye and DFTX 'Doc' Watson


$25 a straw- Domestic Semen - for USA only - 200 straw Inventory  


J.West's Milo Full Pedigree    American Fullblood      Frame 2

Dam: J.West's Merry Marie; Sire:  J.West's S.S. Carter

Very mild mannered yet highly masculine young bull, has already put some great calves on the ground with moderate bw's and great color.  Great choice for breeding heifers as well as working with a Classic Mini frame 2 - 3 herd of British White cattle.


$20 a straw- Domestic Semen - for USA only - 200 straw Inventory  


J.West's Joey Full Pedigree     American Fullblood     Frame 3.5


Dam: J.West's Jilly; Sire:  J.West's S.S. Carter

Joey is a double grandson of Halliburton Alouise (AKA Taylor) , who was in fact a double daughter of the late and great Popeye bull.  Very potent genetics in this highly masculine bull.  Best used on cows rather than heifers until data on his bw's can be accumulated. 

Joey's dam, Jilly (a frame 4.5 cow), was sired by J.West's Bounder, who goes back to the English Turpin bull and HRH Bountiful.  He clearly expresses the stature of those genetics - and also the superb Feed Efficiency and Carcass Traits coming down both lines.  As with all bulls reared at J. West Cattle Co. - Joey has been 100% grass fed, with alfalfa in the winter as his only supplement.  Easy growth like that can't get much better on a bull of this frame.


$20 a straw- Domestic Semen - for USA only - 200 straw Inventory  


J.West's Twenty Ouncer Full Pedigree    American Fullblood    Frame 2

Dam: J.West's Fairy Delight; Sire:  J.West's Target

Twenty Ouncer has been an interesting bull to rear.  His own dam's bw was about 30 lbs, she was sired by my Mazarati, who threw many very low bw calves.  Target, Twenty Ouncer's sire, had a bw of 62, and was out of El Presidente and a moderate classic frame 3 King Cole daughter. 

Twenty Ouncer is well suited for breeding heifers, as well as for those pursuing a Classic Mini British White breeding program with their herd.

$20 a straw- Domestic Semen - for USA only - 200 straw Inventory  


J.West's Tyson 31S  **** American Fullblood British White  Ultrasound Data


J.West's Tyson pictured above right in May 2010, 4 years old, at the Lazy A Ranch in Bellville, Texas, and the first photo, above left, is in Feb. 2008 here at the ranch when he was right at 2 yeas old, lots of growth in between.  Below is a May 2010 video of Tyson at the Lazy A, Tyson has mud on his ankles, so he sort of looks like he has boots on toward the end:

Tyson is an outstanding bull of great conformation and genetics.  Tyson has 5 Stars out of the possible 6 Stars for TENDERNESS with Genestar, Tyson's Feed Efficiency is  6 of 8 Stars His sire, King Cole, has done an excellent job of putting his clean back line and balanced body conformation on his many calves, and I expect to see the same from Tyson.  His dam, B&B 31D, is also the dam of my first herd bull, DFTX Watson (Doc), and her genetics via Doc are anchor genetics in my herd.  Dam: B&B 31D, Sire: J.West's King Cole

See Tyson sired calves

$15 a straw-Domestic Semen - for USA only - 50 straw Inventory remains.

The only other bull we know of with equivalent Tenderness genetics is J.West's W.W. Doc, whose own paternal granddam was B&B 31D.  Putting Tyson on W.W. Doc calves seems a good route to go to maintain those genetics.  Tyson has a 60% plus record of producing heifer calves, same as his sire, King Cole.


J. West's King Cole     4th Gen. Purebred       Full Pedigree    
King Cole Video Clip in April of 2007 

King Cole is 6 of 8 stars for Feed Efficiency, and Homozygous for the T1 and T3 Tenderness genes (4 of 6 stars) with Genestar.  King Cole always puts a nice straight top line on his calves and very well balanced conformation.  King Cole sired lots of daughters, and some very fine sons who are working as herd sires today.   Dam: Arlene, Sire:  Halliburton Colonel

Click this link for photos of some of his calves.


$15 a straw-Domestic Semen - for USA only - 120 straw Inventory  


J. West's Mazarati    4th Gen. Purebred        Full Pedigree 
Mazarati Video Clip in April of 2007

     Mazarati in October of 2007Mazarati in March of 2007

Mazarati scored 6 of 8 stars for Feed Efficiency with Genestar,   For photos of some of Mazarati's calves, click this link. Mazarati calves have been predominantly small birth weights, range of 30 to 75 lbs, and maturing to a Frame Score average of 2 -3.  Mazarati throws very nice classic markings, even on over-marked dams.    Mazarati is a paternal half brother to J.West's W.W. Doc and J.West's Elvis. 

Dam:  Halliburton Konnie, Sire: DFTX "Doc" Watson - Maternal Grandsire: Popeye

$15 a straw-Domestic Semen - for USA only - 130 straw Inventory  


J. West's Blue BoyBlue Boy, April 15, 2007        American Fullblood British White      Full Pedigree   
Blue Boy Video Clip  
Video Clip in Slow Mo
Blue Boy in August of 2006                    Ultrasound Data  

British White Bull Calf - JWest's Blue Boy






Feed Efficiency 4 of 8 stars, Blue Boy is a Grandson of Halliburton Colonel, a great carcass sire, and CRae 215G, a premier British White cow with great fertility, milkiness, and longevity of calving life.  Blue Boy is siring some very nice calves in Louisiana today.  Dam: J.West's Emily, Granddam: CRAE 215G, Sire: De Beauvoir's Huckleberry Finn


$15 a straw-Domestic Semen - for USA only - 50 straw Inventory  


De Beauvoir's Huckleberry Finn 


Follow the link above his photo for additional details on this English champion British White bull.  I have about 200 straws of Huck Finn, if you'd like to purchase a volume lot at a very reduced price, please give me a call.  



$15 a straw-200 straw Inventory  


Mature Bull Hip Height (inches) Frame Score

Age in Months 1 2 3 Frame
6 7 8 9 10 11
24 46.4 48.3 50.3 52.3 53.9 56.0 58.0 60. 62.0 64.0 66.0
30 47.3 49.3 51.3 53.2 54.9 57.0 59.0 61.0 63.0 65.0 67.0
36 48.0 50.0 51.9 53.8 55.5 57.5 59.5 61.5 63.5 65.5 67.4
48 48.5 50.4 52.3 54.1 55.9 58.0 60.0 62.0 63.9 65.8 67.7

Source:  Angus.Org        This chart is provided to help clarify frame score measurement in cattle above 21 months of age, as oftentimes most people don't look beyond the base charts for growing bulls and heifers. 

    British White Cattle - Born Gentle, Stay Gentle, and you can't ask for more in fertility, milkiness, calving ease, low birth weights, and hardiness..........